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Why ARDS DSC Partner & RA Program?

ARDS’s DSC Partner / RA Program is launched to provide interested parties to offer Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) services excluding large capital investments. This simple program makes it hassle free for partners to leverage opportunities of renowned brands which help earn through new opportunities and easily resell DSC services to their customers and prospects.

We help our Partners / Registration Authorities become a Digital Certificate Service Provider to their customers through their expertise and experience that ultimately can lead to repeat business for all of us.

This program offers competitive bulk discounts that lead to higher margins and greater competitive advantages to our Partners & Registration Authorities (RA).

How Big is ARDS DSC Network?

We are Controller of eMudhra Limited, Sify SafeScrypt & V-Sign. We have a network of more than 500 Chartered Accountants & Tax Consultants spread far and wide across India. We invite all Professional CA / Tax Consultants to be our ‘Partner’ or ‘Registration Authority (RA)’.

What is the difference between 'Partner' and 'RA'?

ARDS Network is split into Partners & Registration Authorities.

Partner – When a CA Firm / Tax Consultant provides us the client documents and we issue the DSC/DGFT and upload the Certificate remotely over the Partner’s workstation, then we call them as our ‘Partner’. Partners can buy USB token from us or locally or can get the certificate uploaded on customer’s old token.

Registration Authority (RA) – Whenever a CA Firm/ Tax Consultant takes his/her own login under us and issues the Certificates at their end then we call them as our ‘Registration Authority’ or ‘RA’. RAs can also buy USB token from us or locally or can get the certificate uploaded on customer’s old token.

What are the benefits of Joining ARDS DSC Network?

  • Highly Competitive rates on DSC Purchases
  • Dedicated support over call, chat and email
  • DSC services support for partners
  • Paperless DSC for Indian and foreign applications

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